The best against the original sin of mass production: BLOCKGIN – 100% manually distilled! And 0% mass-produced!

100% manuell destillierter Gin - BLOCKGIN

Eva was seduced personally. The snake knew Eva and knew what she was longing for. She was prepared for Eva’s desire. Handmade temptation. Devilishly brilliant. Mass products are also devilish. But unfortunately not ingenious. They are heartless and cold. From the very beginning. Did you know which products were first of all made from industrially standardized and interchangeable parts? Yes? You guessed right: Weapons! Guns, to be exact. Since then, this “original sin” has been forever attached to mass-produced products: as bad energy, even if the products are intended for pleasure. That’s why only one thing counts for us: 100% manually distilled gin from real handcraft!

 BLOCKGIN: 100% manually distilled Gin. 0% mass-produced!

Because pleasure without sin is heavenly!

At BLOCKGIN, everything is produced by hand to the greatest extent possible. We manufacture and distil with great attention to detail to give our gin a true soul. Only the best juniper and botanicals in pharmacy quality are allowed in the macerate. This is because all natural ingredients have an influence on the well-being of the gourmet. Therefore, the highest quality is a fundamental precondition for us. For this reason, BLOCKGIN is not, like all conventional Gin products on the market, based on industrially produced alcohol. We assume that the industrial processing of products reduces the original, good energy of the ingredients. In other words, it destroys the Chi.

Industrial alcohol has bad karma

For this reason we even produce the base alcohol for the distilling of BLOCKGIN in our own distillery. This spirit is made from the grain of the fields we cultivate ourselves. This corn spirit is used as a base spirit for the macerate before the distillation. After distillation and 6 months of basic maturing, we still allow the BLOCKGIN BLACK Edition to breathe and mature in stone bottles. Every vintage is therefore absolutely unique – just as it is with good wine. Connoisseurs of our Austrian Premium Dry Gin deserve only genuine enjoyment in Austrian top quality – and no industrial alcohol.

Limited to 999 bottles: Numbered & hand filled

What is the way to achieve mass production? Standardized processes form the basis. Always the same. No matter for whom. No matter how the harvest has just turned out. There are no nuances. Brand quality – becomes standardization quality. The product always tastes the same. And this cannot be the case per se, as the ingredients must simply differ depending on origin, climate and other influences. Every wine lover, for example, knows this: nothing is the same! Everything has nuances. Because that is precisely the charm and appeal of wine. It makes it special. Just as special as our BLOCKGIN. Each hand-filled bottle is sealed with wax by hand shortly before delivery and numbered for the customer. All in all, a complex, individual process. This is why BLOCKGIN cannot be available in unlimited quantities. Only 999 bottles a year – such as the BLOCKGIN 2020 BLACK Edition – are given to real Gin lovers. 100% manually distilled Dry Gin for 100% Gin enthusiasts.