A good Gin takes time.

The perfect gin? In our opinion, there is no such thing. There are plenty! Because just like wine, personal preferences are just too different. More citrus, more juniper, more alcohol, more herbs, more fruit? There are many ways to reach the goal, because everyone likes something different.

Many various botanicals not only give the gin a taste, but also add certain characteristics to it. Did you know, for example, that angelica prolongs the finish or provides a longer aftertaste? Or that violet root gives the distillate a harmonious note? Do you know how long a botanical has to be added to the maceration to achieve the optimal result? Or how to store gin to achieve the best taste experience in the long run? No? Exactly! Neither did we at first!

Gin is not a drink, but a science

That’s why we read a lot of books, had a lot of conversations and did a lot of tastings (yes, this part was really hard …) – and of course we started a few attempts until we were satisfied with the result. Anyway, we really like our BLOCKGIN now. And we hope many others enjoy it too.

A passion for quality

However, there is one thing you definitely need for the individually-perfect gin: the best ingredients. That’s why we refuse industrial alcohol for gin as well as cheap, low-quality herbs. BLOCKGIN is only distilled from especially distilled batch alcohol from our own distillery and botanicals in pharmacy quality. We think you recognize the difference. Do you as well? We look forward to hearing your opinion!