Living longer thanks to Gin!

BLOCKGIN Austrian Premium Gin. Living longer with Gin

Living longer with Gin? There is no medical evidence of this thesis, but some people swear by it! Juniper berries per se are a fountain of youth, because the antioxidants contained in the berries can can do a lot of good to the skin. The bitter substances in juniper berries also support the digestion. They enhance the production of gastric acid and even benefit the liver, if drunk moderately. You will not believe: there is even the first “anti-wrinkle” Gin available from a British hotel chain, which is enriched with special active botanicals.

In addition to the various flavors, the botanicals also have many additional advantages. The botanicals’ essential oils can have a preventive effect against cough and lung diseases. Gin also contains large amounts of phytochemicals, which have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and can improve the blood circulation in the body. Botanicals are wondrous miracles.
And above all, they provide us with wonderful flavour experiences and lead us into new aroma worlds.

5 reasons why Gin is healthy and makes beautiful 

1. Anti-aGINg

Gin is said to particularly stimulate kidney function through its ingredients. Toxins and other deposits are broken down and purged out more quickly. Simply detox!

2. Slim fit

Gin is one of the types of alcohol that has particularly low calories. 1cl Gin has around 23 calories. Furtheremore, Gin is also good for diabetics due to its low sugar content.

3. Good for the heart

Those who consume Gin every now and then can potentially minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases and strokes. Thanks to its ingredients, Gin prevents from narrowing of the arteries and minimizes the risk of thrombosis and embolism.

4. Gin & tonic against Malaria

Malaria was the main enemy of the British army during the occupation of India. With the daily enjoyment of Gin and Tonic, the soldiers protected themselves from the dangerous tropical disease. The reason was: the Chinese bark, which is contained in the tonic water, is a well-known remedy for malaria. The occupiers established prophylaxis by regularly consuming the drink.

5. Drink yourself beautiful!

Gin is rich in anti-oxidants and neutralizes the free radicals, which are responsible for the rapid aging of the skin.

And there are so many more good things Gin can do for you. Nevertheless, we believe in self-fulfilling prophesis. That is why we will certainly be living longer with Gin. Cheers from the beautiful BLOCKGIN team 😉